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Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Faves

I was just clicking around today and happened to find these two websites, and I love them both. You may have read my post about the Tastespotting website, and I've found a site that is similar. I'm pretty sure some of the people even post on both, because I feel like there are some repeats, but I do love this one just as much. foodgawker is a site where people post their recipes and photos, or anything remotely food related. Take a look at it, I love food photography.

Also, I found craftgawker. Which is exactly like foodgawker, but about crafts. I really really like this site.

I want a hat like this. Last winter I was looking all over for one and couldn't find it...probably because Indiana is the last place in the whole world to get cute stuff. I don't necessarily need the headphones on it.

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