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Monday, June 23, 2008


I forgot to post pictures of my car after last weeks accident. Maybe I'll remember tonight. It really isn't that bad at all. I am going tomorrow morning for my estimate to see how much it will cost. I am also going to get an estimate for the spot where Lisa hit me. I need a new car. This one is bad news.

We went and looked at a house yesterday. One we were supposed to look at sold so we went to the other and it was a hell hole. We weren't there fifteen miuntes. We really really like the first house we looked at, but it seems weird to buy the very first house you look at, ya know? I think we are going to go look at it again this weekend. We're talked about it a lot and we think its where we want to live. Our realtor wasn't too excited about us wanting to get serious about it so soon, but it seems like too much of a risk to just leave it and let someone else potentially buy it.

So on the Knot on the May-09 board they did a gift exchange. I was in it and I really hope my person got hers. I got mine the other day (by the way, it should be said that I'm not real sure what the rules are on this gift exchange, I just participated, and I know I did it all wrong) anyway, I got mine the other day and it was the most thoughtful gift. My person made me a rolodex and hand made the little seperator cards in a cute scrapbook-y way. I love it. She also got me some blank cards and a book. She was awesome. I'll post my pictures on here later. Also, I wasn't supposed to open it yet, but I'm not very good with rules. If theres a box and I know theres something in it for me, I'm gonna open it. Thats just how it is.

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