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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tiaras. An Article That Feels My Pain.

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June 3, 2008 @ 11:51 am
Out or In : Tiaras
I’m going to have to say out. But not necessarily entirely. I was clicking around NewportWeddings and stumbled across this post, which sprouted this post idea.

Yes, tiaras are worn by royalty and beauty queens, and on your wedding day, shouldn’t you feel like both?! Of course (if you want)! But! Alas, it is my belief that you don’t need a tiara to feel like either. The idea of the tiara, I feel, is less of a bejeweled piece of metal for the top of the head, and more of a something complimentary, not-something-you-wear-everyday piece of bridal “equipment”. So, if you insist on wearing something atop your head on your day, but don’t necessarily want to look like your headpiece was delivered to you on a pillow, perhaps these ideas will help!

What I like to call “Spanish Royalty”, old style number one. I think the main idea with this one is lots of “bling”. But bling, my friends, can be done in many different ways. One of my favorites, I’ve posted just below this image.

How about the “Princess” tiara? One could argue that ALL tiaras are of the princess classification, but I think ones like these are particularly “princessy”. So, an idea I love can be seen in the second picture. For something fresh and girly, try going for a headband with multiple bands or just a hint of sparkle.

And lastly, though the post could include many more than three, what I’d deem a “whimsical” tiara. I’d say that these pieces are “less organized” and have that airy, light, look to them. While they may look similar, how you wear each can give you a completely different style! Take the pictures below for example. Somewhat similar beaded look, completely different bridal feel!

I still say they're not me.

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