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Monday, June 23, 2008

My Wonderful Gifts

Ok. I was in the gift exchange with the girls on the Knot. This is what my person made for me. I love it! It is an awesome rolodex. The theme of the exchange was "something blue". She did a fantastic job. Her name is Jody, and I officially love her. : )

This is my name tag to go on the front of the rolodex.
She got me these awesome blank cards. They are so cute and they even came with cute little stickers to seal them with that say things like "I do".
She got me this book. : ) I haven't read it yet, but I've almost bought it like every time I go to Barnes & Noble!
This is the card she made and sent with it. Very cute.


  1. That is so CUTE! Where is this knot message board you are always talking about? I want to check it out. What did you send your person? Cute! Sorry about your car.

  2. I LOVE this rolodex. I think I'm going to make something similar for my sister for Christmas but make it to hold recipes!



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