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Monday, June 9, 2008


This weekend I had a lot of time to think to myself (Josh was VERY sick and I didn't see much of him even though we were in the same house). Anyway, I got to thinking about the wedding (induced by the day long "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway" marathon on the Style network. Anyway, I was thinking, we don't need favors. I've thought this before, but this weekend I was very serious, I felt very strongly that I don't need to waste money (whether it be mine or my parents) on a silly little gift that no one will remember (my parents can buy me something much nicer with all the money I'd be saving them.) That is how I felt, until I saw these cookies. I love them. I thought I wanted to do cupcakes because Sarah sent me this email with the cutest little boxes in them, but the icing can get messy...but check out these cookies. I love them. I'm sure I could order these from the Cookie Cottage, but I'm not sure how expensive they would be. I'll look into it. These are from PinkCakeBox.com.

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  1. Those are really cute! They'd be great for a wedding in your time of year! Price would be the only concern, the detail, & cookie cottage may over price? Check it out though! Maybe you could have someone help you make them?Like a family member or the week prior to the wedding have a baking party and assign people to decorate them. You could always freeze them? Just a thought..:)



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