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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yay for Josh!

I realize that I should be working on my paper right now, you know, the big one, but I'm not. I got on here to e-mail a professor with a question and then, well, here I am. It always seems to happen that way with me. I wish tomorrow were Friday. Ugh.

Anyway, the REAL reason why I got on here is because I am so excited for Josh. He found out today that he got a transfer to orderfilling at his job. Which orderfilling isn't the most exciting or fun thing to do, but now he'll be working full time which he's been trying to get for a long time. : ) Those big trucks don't seem to pay for themselves, ha ha. I am so happy for him though. I hope he's happy and I hope this helps him.

I got the sample invitation in the mail the other day. I like it a lot!

This is the invitation closed. I ordered this sample from cardsandpockets.com. They are SO reasonable. The color is called "Candy Apple". I am planning on doing the whole melt the wax and seal thing, do you know what I'm talking about? I'm not sure if I put a "T" for Terry or an "H" for Herr, I think it's "H" because the invitations are from my parents...So anyway, whichever letter it is, I'll seal it with silver wax.

This is the invitation open. The pocket on the right holds the info about directions to the church, accommodations for out of town guests, directions to the reception, and the RSVP cards. The center is where our invitation will be printed. It may be hard to see, but behind the cream sheet is a gold mat. I am going to change this to silver. Silver is going to be our accent color, since the lanterns are silver, that made the decision easier.

Close up of where the invitation will be printed. I need to try it out on my computer...but then I need to get a program first. Ahhh...its getting real now, little scary : )

Close up of the whole invitation again. You can see the gold mat better in this one, again, changing to silver. I can't wait to see what they look like, and they are going to be at such a great price! I'm so excited! ha ha, I say that A LOT.

"Oh oh everybody's making love
cause love is free"
-Sheryl Crow, Love Is Free

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  1. Cute idea! But suggestion on the wax seal: maybe use hearts or rings instead of an initial.. Just a suggestion. I was going to do the wax seals, but they were more expensive than the stickers, and the stickers were a lot faster than trying to do the wax. =]



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