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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Disappointed Bride.

I went to Michigan yesterday and spent the whole day with Sarah, Sarah's Mom, and Ben. We went to IKEA, which was amazing. It was absolutely gigantic. I've never been anywhere so big! It was so much fun. So I got one of the lanterns that I'm absolutely in LOVE with for our wedding. Sarah loves them for her wedding too. ***ALERT*** THIS SECTION WILL BE BORING TO THOSE WHO DON'T CARE ABOUT PEWS, PEW DECORATIONS, OR COMPLAINING*** Well I went to church today and was checking out the pews (its interesting to think of all the things you never notice until it specifically matters to you) and I don't think they'll work how I need them to. On the end of the pew where one would normally loop a ribbon around the top so there wouldn't be a use for tape or things, isn't designed how I need it to be. I need the back of the pew to stop shorter than the side of the pew that faces the aisle so that I can loop a large ribbon over so the lanterns rest nicely on the sides. But the back of the pew (where your back rests while you're sitting) goes up to the top of the piece on the side that faces the aisle. I could loop the ribbon over the side diagonally, but I don't know. I'm going to guess that none of that made sense to anyone who is reading it. See picture in previous blog post for how I want them to look.

So last night in the car (yes, I do believe I'm dwelling on this too long) Sarah commented on how Ben is obsessed with Mustangs. Then Ben said Sarah is obsessed with scrap booking. And of course, being me I thought too much into it. I haven't come up with a thing yet that I'm obsessed with, hopefully I can work it out soon. Its like everything I've thought of so far I realize that I'm not that obsessed with, and then I get even more critical and wonder if I care about anything at all. The first thing I thought of was, "oh, I'm obsessed with Starbucks. Oh, wait, I'm not." I haven't had caffeine in five weeks. So then I was "Ok, I'm obsessed with Coach. Oh, wait, I'm not." I'm not all that into it anymore. Then, "Oh yeah, I'm obsessed with celebrity gossip. Oh, wait, I'm not". I haven't kept up on it since probably the end of the year. "Ok, I'm obsessed with our wedding. Oh, wait, I'm not." I'm really excited about it, but I don't think I'm obsessed...I'm sure others would disagree with me. I am really not freaking out as much as I was in January. Its just about us. It's not about the lanterns, it's about our love. Ok, back to me. I suppose I could say I'm obsessed with getting fit and looking how I want. Thats not something fun to be obsessed with. Geez. I need a

"The taste of sugar sure reminds me of your kiss
I like the way that they
Both linger on my lips"
- Jamie O'Neil,
When I Think About Angels

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