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Friday, August 3, 2012

Bachelorette Bash

These nail color names are getting confusing. This is not a post about my bachelorette party (especially since I didn't have one. By choice.). It is my Nail Polish Pick OTW.

Bachelorette Bash by essie.

I got this color for Ingrid as part of her graduation gift and once I saw it on her nails I had to have it. I was going to buy it at Walmart the other day but went into a hormone induced rage and told the cashier I didn't want it after she wouldn't accept my coupon. Whatever.

I found it on Amazon for super cheap.

I also decided to order Ballet Slippers by essie because it is my favorite color of all time. Seriously. I have already used an entire bottle of it. It is the only color I've ever used a bottle of.

So imagine my delight and surprise when I got home yesterday and through some glitch of fate, my order was filled twice! YES!
 Another look at Bachelorette Bash.
What color are you wearing this week?
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