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Friday, July 27, 2012

Topless & Barefoot + Camera

Whoa. Risque title, right?

Those are the real names of my nail polishes this week. I swear.

Both Essie. Camera is the pink on the left, and Topless & Barefoot is the beige on the right. 

Ingrid and I have been coveting Topless & Barefoot on Pinterest for months. We were discussing it a few weeks ago and I mentioned that it was a discontinued color and we would probably have to get it on Amazon or eBay. She immediately found it and hooked me up with it. She's the best.

Once we got it and put it on we found out that we don't have the same skin tone as the girl in the pin (click on the link above) and it doesn't look as amazing on us (but still amazing, because, you know, it's us).

It actually didn't hold up too well and I had some chips at the edges. I decided to get out the tape and do a French mani with Camera while watching the Opening Ceremonies (I love the Olympics). It's a not-quite-neon pink that I like a lot. That index finger was a mishap with the tape. Apparently it was too sticky and it pulled the base color off. I figured it looked fine like this. I like it.

So there you go. Nail Polish Picks OTW: Topless & Barefoot + Camera.

What colors are you wearing this week?
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1 comment:

  1. OOO I love that neutral, I've heard a lot about it. I am lusting after Action, from the same collection as Camera. I love those two paired up, a bright and a neutral always look awesome paired up!



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