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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Huffy, Huffy

That kind of sounds like a nail polish name (essie, I'm looking at you), but this is totally not a post about my nails at all. Except for the fact that they're completely wrecked right now.

This is actually going to be a post with words in it. Nice change of pace, right?

In other news, my neighbor keeps walking through our yard, back and front yard, and it is starting to make me mad. They came over TWICE yesterday before 10:00am to ask if they could borrow stuff. Gosh. Go away. I bring this up because I just saw him walk through the back yard. If I had more money I'd put up a fence. Three years ago.

Back to my intended post. 

I have not ever in my whole entire life been a fan of cardio. I am not naturally good at it. If I want to be good I have to work really hard at it. Which isn't a bad thing, it is probably a good thing, but it just kind of sucks, you know? It is fun to just be good at stuff. Like laying around and reading. I'm SO GOOD at that. Seriously.

So Ingrid and I started running last fall and I almost died. I had hip issues that sat me out for a few weeks, but I really got into it and had fun, especially when I met goals. We ran outside all winter and it was wonderful. There is no overheating or any of that crap when the temp is hovering around 32°. We had an exceptionally short winter though, and it was cut even shorter by Ingrid's heroic save.

I never have as much fun when I try to run by myself. I can do it, but most of the time I bargain with myself about how much longer until I can turn around. Seriously. And I hate running on treadmills and indoor tracks. They are incredibly boring and I always count the minutes. Outside running is so much more fun, but for some reason summer started in April this year.

Anyhow, I asked my mom a few weeks ago if I could buy her bike from her. I only live a few miles from the Y I work out at, so I figured on the weekends I could ride my bike there, lift, and then ride home so I didn't have to do additional cardio.

She told me I could borrow hers until I got my own. So I got it last week and rode it last Sunday to the Y. When I got there I thought for sure I was dead. It was so much harder than any running I've ever done. Even the very first run. It was horrible. My butt hurt, my legs hurt, my lungs, and well, you get it. Everything hurt. I was super hot and sweaty, and definitely did not think I was going to make it home. I sat outside for a while trying to decide what I was going to do, and eventually decided I was going to go inside and get a drink. That turned into me laying on my back in the stretching area for twenty minutes before I decided it was time to go home. I was still debating on calling my parents to ask for a ride, but sucked it up, got back on the bike and rode home.

Then last night I got my own bike. I found it online a few weeks ago and then found it in the store last night.

Let us discuss.

I do not have a big butt. I will not lie. I'm top heavy and apple shaped. So I've got very minimal butt padding, and I'm convinced that the whole reason last week's ride was so bad is because of the seat. (No offense mom, and thanks for letting me use it!) Mom's bike is the black seat and mine is the white seat. Much cushier.   

 The handle bars are much higher. I hate leaning over. I can sit upright on this one.
I know that mom's bike has gears and hand brakes, whereas mine does not. However, I rode it today and had a much more enjoyable experience. It was still hard, but I was much more comfortable.
And like a wise woman said last night "This ain't the Tour de France". That's fo sho.

If you like my bike you can check it out here. I can't find a link for my mom's bike. Sorry.

Do you ride a bike?
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  1. I used to ride my bike a ton as a kid and I had to use a gel seat-cover to protect my bootay since the standard one did NOT fit my specifications!!!!



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