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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I know, you don't care about my vacation. Nothing is as interesting to anyone else as it is to you. Especially if you're spending a week on the beach. No one cares unless they're there with you.

This is where you would leave my blog if you're not interested in hearing how much fun I had on my vacation last week.

Last chance.

I mean it.

Ok, here I go.

So on the way down, we were traveling 434mph, which means it took 20 minutes to get to Cincinnati. Amazing, right?

Josh decided to get toasted on the morning flight we took. My purse became a liquor cabinet.
This was the sunset the first night.
I've never gone to Florida this time of year, so I don't know if it was just the city we were in, or that it was fall, but every sunrise and sunset was absolutely beautiful.

I can honestly say that I was not aware. Mice are fast. As are roaches.
This was a limo we saw on our way to Orlando. It was hideous.
Jellyfish washed up almost every day.


Autumn on the beach.

This Catholic Church in Kissimmee served Cheese Steaks. Better call ahead.
Another amazing sunset.

Me and Carsyn on the beach.

This is my favorite.
Me and my super happy husband. Doesn't he look like he's having a wonderful time?

Joshua took such good care of me on vacation and made me breakfast every day that I didn't get up and eat before he did. These were my Toaster Strudels.
Banana or plantain? I tried Googling it, but they look the same to me.
Joshua relaxing in the hammock on our last afternoon.
You're gonna have to come back for my pictures of Epcot and Universal. I'm already tired of blogging this one, so they're going to wait.

We did have a fantastic time though. I can't wait for our next vacation. :)

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