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Friday, October 28, 2011

Glutes, Glutes, Glutes

You're not going to believe this, but this is a post about my arm.

Ask Ingrid and she'll tell you I was being a baby the other night during our workout.

Here is what happened:
(all images courtesy of Google Images)

I was getting off the treadmill after we did our cardio, going to get a drink before we started our circuit. I was walking, paying super amazing attention to what I was doing (like always).

I looked a little something like this:
Except, you know not. My arms weren't in the air, and hopefully my mouth wasn't open. It probably was though. Basically I just wasn't watching what I was doing.

Have you seen this machine before? The glute press? You lean in it like this and press back with your legs. It's technically known as "the butt machine". Supposedly you get hot buns of steel with it, like you can't even get through airport security anymore because your buns are so steel-like.

So I was like this:

And the girl on the butt machine was like this:

And then I was like this:
And that is basically all you need to know.

One other thing you need to know: If you Google anything with the word "Glute" in it, you get hilarious images.

This is a rare naked and skinless photo of my husband. Yes, his hands are bigger than his entire head.

This is my new gym outfit. I'll have to make sure I wash my bike shorts though. How awkward would that be if I forgot?

And, really? Who is The Glute Guy? How do you get to be that guy?
Do you have a funny story from a time you were at the gym and your arm got hurt on the glute machine? No? I didn't think so.

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