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Sunday, October 23, 2011


I've got no direction this morning. I just decided to post, without any idea what to say. So, expect rambling.

Joshua and I have been talking a lot lately (always good, right?) and we've decided to make some changes in our lives. If you've been around my blog for a while, you may (or probably don't) remember that when I was 21 we got engaged, decided to get married in May 2009, and then move to Arizona in August 2009 so that I could begin law school at Arizona State. If you've only been around five minutes, you will have realized it didn't happen. The getting married part did, but we never moved, and I never went to law school (thank God). We bought a house in our little corner of Indiana, hunkered down, and braved two or three winters since then (I'm not good at math). I finished school, Joshua started school, I got fired from a job, got a new job, sold a truck, bought a truck, and successfully rid ourselves of two Cadillacs that were older than us.

Joshua finishes school in March. I work. Well, I wouldn't call it work, but I go somewhere from 8 to 4:30 on the weekdays and someone pays me for it. We're 25. We've never been further west than Chicago. Yes, really.

I love pictures, so I made this handy map for you to view.

You can view the map larger if you click on it.
This is how to read it:
Yellow: I've never visited
Blue: I've visited or driven through
Red: Where I've lived

I was going to include Josh's states, but his are identical except that he's been to NY and PA on his way to Canada.

PS. If you want to make your own map, click here. It's kind of cool.

Also, supposedly I've been to OK, but I was less than a year old. If you can't remember being there, it doesn't count, so I didn't add it.

My point here is that we're young, we don't have children, and we're both done (or almost done) with school. Why not see what there is to see out there?

We're discussing a move that would take us pretty far from Indiana. We're talking about Arizona again. We know it will be a big thing, and we have so much to do before we can even go. But we're going to do it. And we're going to kick ass at it. Because, why not?

Have any of you ever made a huge move? Any words of advice?


  1. I am there with you lady. B and I plan to move when he graduates (which I don't talk about much, since I am kind of new to my job and don't want to jeopardize anything, just in case someone was to find it, ya know?)

    We'd like to move east to be close to my family- anywhere from Virginia through Boston. Maybe even NC (eastern.) But Chicago and Saint Louis are also possibilities. B would LOVE to go west but I can't be farther from my family with no other family there (we have some family of his in STL which is the ONLY reason I am mildly ok with that option.) I can't live in IN for much longer... we ALWAYS talk about moving but we are ready to really MAKE. A. FREAKING. MOVE. Talk to me next summer :)

    PS- love AZ!!!

  2. I hopped over from KJ pugs - yay for winning her giveaway :)

    But so I had to comment. I moved from VA to IN, now Louisville in KY, about 6 years ago. Just me and my then boyfriend, now turned hubs. No family, no friends, I came because I wanted to leave home and I had a job offer. It was fabulous, we love our lives and most of the time enjoy that we've been able to forge our own relationship/marriage without the interference of our families or histories back in VA.

    That being said, we're preggo with #1 and anxiously awaiting when we can move back closer to home - hello free baby sitters!

    My only advice, go anywhere, have fun, be adventurous! You'll make friends and you'll have a fabulous time exploring a new place together. Just be sure to A) have a job first and foremost and B) visit once prior to moving to find a place to live. Otherwise, HAVE FUN!!! :)



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