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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Again, more vacation photos. If you don't care, do not fret. I only have one more post about vacation after this one.

The dome.
Right when we walked into the World Showcase they had a cranberry bog.
It was pretty cool, in the "first time to a farm" kind of way. I've never seen cranberries in a bog before.
The spread in France.
We got a cheese plate.
My husband is French. Doesn't he look exactly how you would picture a French guy? I thought so, especially in his element like this.
What in the world is it with turkey legs? Every single park in Florida sells steaming hot turkey legs. Really? It's 90°, I would love nothing more than a hot turkey leg, right in the middle of the day. I don't understand.

The Wines of France. (I translated that myself, so I'm probably incorrect). This was a cool shop. I love wine shops.

Beer in Germany.
Terracotta army in China. This was pretty cool. These statues guard the burial site of the Chinese Emperor. The statues in real life are six feet tall and contained horses, chariots, and these soldiers. If I am remembering correctly it said that there were approximately 6,000 statues. Just for one Emperor.
This is in Norway. We have a friend named Nate, who calls himself a Viking, and kind of looks like this. So Josh took a picture with Nate.

We got Skolebrod (School Bread) and a cherry danish in Norway. Josh liked the school bread so much that my Norwegian friend Ingrid (pretty handy, huh?) found a recipe for me. Click here if your husband likes it too.

I don't know if they do this in Norway or not, I'm assuming they do since they did it here, but there is a lawn and flowers on this roof top.
Margaritas in Mexico

Joshua called these guys my uncles.

We ate a meal in Morocco. I had lamb, couscous, hummus, and some green stuff. Josh had sliders, which were like gyros, a lentil salad, green stuff, and hummus.

On our way out.
We were completely exhausted after Epcot. It took us so long to walk everywhere. I didn't realize it was so big. There was a bunch of stuff in Futureworld we didn't even see. By the time we got around the world to Mexico we decided we were done and going back to the house.

Up next is Universal Islands of Adventure. I know, you can't wait.


  1. That is so cool that they had a bog of cranberries! I love Disney World, so this post made me insanely jealous!

  2. I took my baby boy there in January, your pictures make me want to go back. NOW

  3. Those people in the matching outfits are awesome!!!

  4. For some reason, EVERYONE in EPCOT was in matching outfits. Not just the employees. All the families matched.



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