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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What The Hex?

I saw this idea on Pinterest, but the original is here on Honestly...WTF. This bracelet pictured is a designer one that supposedly sells for $300+, but I'm unable to find the website, so I can't really confirm that.
3 yards of string/cord whatever you want
18 hex nuts +1 if you want to make a clasp like I did.

The original tutorial says just to knot the ends together. I hate showering with jewelry on, so I used an extra nut and made this. When I was younger my dad made me a board with a screw at the top to make bracelet making easier. I really could have used that today. It worked so well. I closed this in a cabinet door to hold it tight.

If I make another one I would use a lighter color and use string instead of leather. The leather is really stiff and hard to knot.
I made the whole bracelet for about $4.

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  1. THIS is freaking awesome. Now I want one. But I'm lazy.



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