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Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Bathroom Ideas

Back in February 2010 I finally fessed up about the bathroom that I hate. I do this thing where I pretend that my house only has one bathroom, when it really has two. I hate hate hate the one in my bedroom. Check out my previous post for all the reasons why.

When I was at Menard's with mom the other day we were discussing that bathroom, and she suggested putting a new shower in. I actually think I would use it if there were a new shower inside, so we were checking out the corner showers. I remembered that Megan's parents put a corner shower in at their lake home, and Megan told me they did it themselves, so I'm sure I could do it...or I know someone who could.
This is one of the displays that I liked, but the exact one I want is here.

Have you ever done a bathroom remodel on your own?

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