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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cats Are The Spawn Of Satan

That is a bit harsh, but not too much.

All my life I've heard people describe themselves as either a "cat person" or a "dog person". I've never really heard anyone call themselves both. You know why? Because it is illogical. You can't be both. (I think Josh might be, but for my purposes here, we'll say he is strictly a dog person.)

My story starts here:

This beautiful mama rabbit is crying tears of terror during this photo. She is weeping her big black eyes out all over the lawn.
One awful, awful, Friday evening a few weeks ago, I was in the house opening all the windows because it was gloriously beautiful outside. It takes a good minute to open them up, and while I was moving from room to room I would pick something up that needed to be put away elsewhere. So I'm minding my own business when I start hearing this cawing. I listened because I had never heard anything like it before. I walked to the window and saw four gigantic crows fighting one another over a baby rabbit. Right then, I may or may not have screamed.

I saw the baby rabbit get away and run its heart out over to our brick planter. I ran outside because I was going to help it...only to realize that I couldn't find it. It's mama was sitting in the side yard, so I thought that if I went inside she would hop on over and pick it up.

No such luck.

So in the mean time, Megan comes over (Don't worry, I'm getting to the evil cat part) and I tell her about the horrible crows and how much I hate them, and how much I may or may not have cried for mama rabbit. (I'm fairly certain that Mama Rabbit is the same rabbit I named Hal a few weeks ago. Fitting though that a female rabbit have a male name in our house.)

So Meg and I are sitting on the couch talking and start to hear this horrid squeal. At first we thought it was a bird, but it kept getting closer, and louder, so I got up and looked out the window. So did Amico. We both saw, at the same time that the Devil Cat next door was running across the yard with baby rabbit in its dirty little mouth. Hal was just running along side of them, helpless. I felt so bad for her. So Amico flips out. I mean flips out, flips out. He started his "I'm going to EAT YOU NOW" freaking out. Megan had never seen Amico flip out at a cat before, so she started flipping out. It was a freaking mess.

I ordered Amico into his cage, and me and Meg sat on the couch and cried for ten minutes.

I'm kidding.

It was fifteen.

My story ends with Devil Cat. The next morning I woke up to this. He's after my birds now.

This. Is. War.


  1. :(

    I once was walking down the street, in the time before cell phones, and saw a rabbit in the middle of the road that had been hit by a car (the car got its hind legs; it was still alive). When I started to walk back that direction, there were a bunch of loud crows. I couldn't even walk home the same way.

  2. Oh yeah, and I am totally a dog person. I'm okay with some cats, but only because my apartment is not dog friendly and I really want something fluffy to love (but cats live so long that I'm just pet free for now).

  3. I love both cats and dogs!.. and I recently saw a post by a friend of mine of what her dog did to a baby rabbit, and it was not pretty.. So it goes both ways.. I don't like it or condone it-- but it happens. Sorry you had to witness such a horrid thing.. and hope Megan isn't having nightmares! ;]



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