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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunshine Saturday

For the first time in a very long time, I woke up to the natural sunlight beaming through my windows. It was amazing, and slightly annoying since I got to sleep so late last night. But, we got the ok from the flood people, so this snow can't melt fast enough for me. Let's get going.

I have this website that I read and I'm not proud of it. It is celebrity gossip. I will say however, I have gotten much better about the amount of gossip I read. I used to have to check like five different pages, but now I'm down to this one. It isn't family friendly, and is hardly ever appropriate, but I had to link this one up. Yesterday, they did a post about The Harry Baals Government Center. I realize that some people think it's trashy, and really, you couldn't ever tell anyone that "I work in the Harry Baals Government Center" without them laughing, but who cares? Pretty much everyone I work with can't wait to say "I work across the street from the Harry Baals Government Center". This has been copy machine talk for days (we don't have a water cooler, so the copier is the substitute.) You can even buy merchandise at Gotbaals.com. For real. Check this shirt out: Stand Firm Fort Wayne.

In other news:
Breakfast today was cupcakes.

 With coffee.
 And a cute dog.
He has allergies. That is why his nose and eyes are all pink.

Happy Saturday :)

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