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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

Last Sunday I posted about starting a Sunday Scavenger Hunt. This is inspired by: Ashley Sisk's blog.

This weeks photos:


Everyday #2:
Picture #5 in this week's hunt was supposed to be "Capture the Sky". However, the entire week here in Indiana, the sky had the same color, which was similar to this:
I didn't get an opportunity for a photo because it was an all around crap weather week. So you get a photo of the main ingredient in my new favorite diet.

Dessert: so yum.

Next weeks photos:
  1. Diptych
  2. Book (next Paper Heart Camera theme)
  3. Fill in the Blank: When I think about how ______________ is in the _______________, I just have to ______________. (ACoLab inspiration)
  4. A Taste of Italy (Lindsay's suggestion)
  5. Reminders (Lindsay's suggestion)

I think this will be much more difficult. What do you think? Do you even understand #3? I have no idea.

I went to the link for #3 and found this additional info: (This entry could have 3 different photos, one song, words, video...however you interpret this).

Now I have to learn what diptych is. See! I am learning.

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