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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Birthday Purchases

My mother in law asked what I wanted for my birthday, and I had no idea. I kind of wanted a new purse, so I told her gift cards from the Coach Outlet that is not to far outside of our area. I've gotten purses there before, but haven't gotten a new, good quality purse for a long time. Megan and I went up and looked around.

I love their tissue paper.
This is the purse I'm currently using. I think I got it for my 21st birthday, but I can't exactly remember. I know my mother in law got it for me, but I can't remember which year. I have really awesome family. I love it, but it isn't quite big enough. I end up carrying another bag to get my things into work.
I got this one yesterday at the Coach Factory Store.
I love it.

Manufacturers factory suggested retail price: $358.00
Savings: $238.80 When we walked in the door greeter gave me a 20% off your entire purchase coupon. I found this purse first thing when we walked in, but walked away from it, and then came back. I was going to get a solid black leather one, but my fashion consultant/personal shopper helped me to realize that I wanted this one. After taxes I paid just under $130. Quite a deal in terms of what the original price was.
Since I had some birthday cash left over we went to the Gap Outlet and I got a pair of jeans. They fit great, but are a bit too long (shocking!).

Have you gotten any good deals lately?

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  1. Fun road trip!! We need to make that trip more often....or maybe not. My bank account would probably not like it!! :-)



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