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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Baby, Baby

My friend Erika is getting ready to have a baby in March, and her shower was yesterday, in the middle of yet another winter storm. Lovely.

She has awesome friends though, because everyone still showed up. I helped out with the food, and didn't get very many pictures because I forgot my camera and only had my phone. So here are pictures of what I did:

Fruit and crock pots.
 I was so surprised to find this much awesome looking fruit in February, but it was there and it was good. I got all this fruit at Sam's Club, which astounds me. It seems like Wal-Mart has the worst produce in the world, but Sam's has good stuff. I don't get it. It comes from the same place.
 I got these crock pots for Christmas and this was my first opportunity to use them. They worked out really well. The left and center were meatballs and the cheese dip was in the right. All I did for that was put Velveeta cheese and two cans of Rotel and that's that. I had no idea it would be so spicy though. Everyone seemed to like it, but I would have toned it down a bit if I had known.
 And the cake.
I think she had a good shower. They got a lot of awesome baby stuff. I can't wait to meet their little girl!

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