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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Want To Be Super Organized?

Some of my family members think I'm being a bit psycho with my organizing. I don't.

I started planning out our weekly meals to make grocery shopping easier, and cooking easier. I can't even tell you how unlikely I am to cook if I have to run to the store before I come home from work. It ain't happenin'.

I got this calendar from a game at Sarah's bridal shower, and love it. I'm going to have to make something once it runs out. 
There are only two of us who live here, so I have learned how to adjust how much to cook in regards to how much we throw away (or feed the dogs with). Originally I was cooking four times a week and having left overs three times a week. I typically try to have one recipe be in the crockpot, and quickly found out that four times a week was too much food. I cut it back to three times this week and it seems to be the perfect amount of food.

How do you keep meals organized?

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