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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shopping Adventures

I have lots of shopping photos to share, and rather than do separate posts for all of them, I'll do them in one.

Mom and I went to Kirklands the other day and I found these on clearance. I put the red ones back so I only bought the brown, champagne, and green. I plan to put them in a red glass bowl for a Christmas decoration. They actually match our living room pretty well, so I may place them in a clear glass bowl for all other seasons.
This sign was also at Kirklands. I really liked it, but didn't know where I would place it in our home.
Panera has this "My Panera" rewards card, kind of like Kroger Plus Cards, and when you buy food they give you treats. I got a free smoothie, and it apparently comes with a hose. Check out the size of this straw.
I got their low cal strawberry, and it was really good...despite the cold day.
I picked up this eyeliner brush from Ulta a few weeks ago. It works really well. It is Studio Basics.
I decided it was time to switch eye makeup removers, and settled on this L'Oreal from Ulta. I was originally using Arbonne, but didn't have a million dollars to buy more. I found this little travel size makeup remover, but it was a gel, and I didn't really care for it. Both of those products can be found at Ulta.
I found this devotional at Sam's Club. I have the Women of Faith bible, and am considering buying this devotional book. I haven't yet, but I might.
Joshua and I went to Barnes & Noble after a date night and I spotted this book. I thought it was funny because my childhood dog was named Tango. I never new there was a book about a dog with the same name.
What kind of shopping adventures have you had lately? Good deals??

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