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Monday, July 5, 2010

Just A Walk In The Park

The other day on our way up to the lake I took the dog for a walk. Josh wanted to stop at the gym and workout before we headed up. The gym is just off the highway, so it was pretty convenient. We had Amico though, and couldn't leave him in the car since it was so hot, so I decided to walk with him while Josh was working out. We found a super secret (not really) walking trail, that was pretty cool. We had it all to ourselves.

The Dupont Hospital Sport and Fitness Park.
Any bit of shade helps.
They had these cool stretching areas all along the trail.
Yes, this is beautiful, scenic Indiana.
We have some awesome ponds.
And some cool grass.
But our best feature is this concrete wall that lines the interstate. It's just high enough so that you cannot see anything. I can't stand this wall. I wish they had never put it up.
It is so exciting.

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