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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sarah's Bridal Shower

Last weekend my mom and I went up to Michigan for Sarah's bridal shower. It was a nice dreary day (as most weekends have been), but we had fun.

I took pictures of the food, of course. I think this tray was also one of Sarah's gifts. It is pretty cool.

The smaller crockpot had pulled pork in it, and it was fabulous. I have honestly never liked pulled pork before, so I'm really glad I tried it! The bigger roaster had tomato soup in it, and it was amazing too.
The cookies and cupcakes.

Pretty flower centerpieces.
Sarah's recipe box. She got some really good recipes!
Gift table.
Sarah opening a clock.
A gigantic clock.
Ben's grandma got them a gift that has a bunch of Christmas ornaments that each symbolize a different thing. I can't remember what any of them are, but this is one of her ornaments. It was a pretty cool gift.

She got a lot of great stuff...now on to the wedding. :)

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