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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Quick Update On Life:

It rocks.


With the exception of all this rain, road construction, and humidity, life is good.

I just finished my third week at my job, and I still love it. I work with awesome people, and it is unlike any other job I've ever had...meaning that I enjoy it. You're probably thinking "It has only been three weeks, give it time", which I'm sure you're right, but I've never still liked a job this much after three weeks.

My friend Sarah is getting married two weeks from today!

Speaking of that...where are Spanx sold? My dress fits, but I would still like to have some. I really have no idea.

This is the dress she picked out for her bridesmaids:

Note to self: Get a full length mirror. I had to stand on the toilet to get a picture of the dress. I like it though. It's really pretty. I'm so excited for Sarah and Ben!

In other news, I'm a genius.

No really, I am.

We've been having issues with our wireless internet for months (I'm not sure how many, but I know it has been a lot). Anyway, last night I was messing around on the PS3 and I fixed it. Go me. Now I can officially read my blog on the television. Amico and I spent some time watching puppies on YouTube. He enjoyed it.
It's the  biggest computer monitor I've ever had.

I walked to the library the other day, and happened upon this beautiful church. It reminded me a lot of the church we got married in. Our first anniversary is coming up very quickly!

What is new in your life?

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