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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Three Months

I don't have any stats for Isaiah because we didn't have a doctor's appointment this month. We go next month to get his four month shots and I'll have stats then!

Isaiah loves to eat, but I think he sometimes forgets about it. He will go an exceptionally long time between bottles, but I keep telling myself that he'll let me know when he's hungry. He cut himself down a bottle, so for about two weeks he wasn't eating as much. I started adding ounces to the bottles though, even though his doctor told me I should feed him less ounces more frequently, and he's fine.

We're getting an excellent routine going. He eats his last bottle and usually falls asleep within an hour, and he goes to bed and wakes me in the morning. I haven't made the transition to crib yet, but that is mostly because of the spit up. The Rock N Play keeps him inclined so we cut down on it. I'm mentally ready to try it though; I'm just waiting for the spit up to slow.

Umbilical Hernia:
It's going down! The bump is still there, but I think it looks smaller. It's still soft and in the "nothing to worry about" category.

New this month:
Isaiah loves to lay on his tummy. We weren't doing very well with nap time until I started letting him take naps on his tummy. He pushes himself up to his elbows and he's started "talking" so much more. We had one roll over, but the angle he was laying at may have helped him a bit. He hasn't been rolling since.

Isaiah loves just about anything besides being burped. He will stare and cry at his bottle the whole time it sits on the table during burping. Also, he isn't particularly friendly with women with spiky hair.

As Parents:
Taking care of Isaiah is getting easier, but being home is getting a little harder. I quit my job to stay home with Isaiah, and it is a lot different than just being on leave. I'm having a difficult time finding balance, but I know it will come with time. We got our court date for Isaiah's final adoption hearing, so we're excited for that. We're ready to get that all over with.

Here are my two favorite videos of him talking:


  1. So sweet. He looks precious! And you're right - he'll let you know when he's hungry!

  2. I LOVED our Rock n Play. Loved it! And those 2 videos....precious! And nice to put a voice to a name/picture. :)

    1. I love it so much that I just got another one for when I babysit. It's amazing. I think all babies love it.

  3. glad to hear that everything is going well with Isiah!! He is so stinkin cute!!



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