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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Baby T

I think it's kind of funny to call our baby "Baby T". You know, because it sounds like a small t-shirt. We aren't calling our baby that at home. We mostly call it "the baby". We do not know the gender, but that is simply because we don't want to know. Ever since we started talking about kids we decided we weren't going to find out the gender before birth. The birth mom knows, but we don't.

I (of course I do) think our story is pretty amazing. I mean, one day I'm all relaxed, basically done with the fertility doctor and ready to just be, and the next day we have a baby with a due date.

The family we tried to adopt from this summer has a person in common with the family we're adopting from now. If we hadn't gone through what we did before, this family wouldn't even know about us. Long story short, our baby found us. Through no intentional act of our own, we have a baby. I'm still in awe.

The birth mom invited me to feel free to call her and to go to doctor's appointments with her. We are going to meet her next week. 

Joshua was searching for nursery ideas the other day (it was so sweet). We are doing a superhero nursery. I don't know if you know or not, but quite a few of them were adopted. Either way, it is going to be pretty awesome. And if it is a girl, how many girls can say they had such an awesome nursery? Really.

I'm still holding myself back a little bit. I am so incredibly excited, and if anything does go wrong and the adoption doesn't go through, I will be devastated. However, I still feel like I can't do everything yet. I tried to look at cribs a few times and I just can't do it yet. I have recommendations written down for everything, but I can't commit to putting them on the registry. I will. In time.

Tonight I went to Barnes and Noble with my dad and brothers. I wandered around a little bit looking for adoption books. I knew they had them because I was with my mom when she bought some a few weeks ago. I finally found them and started reading "I Wished For You". I only got to this page before I started crying and had to put it back. I couldn't even finish the book.
So I'm definitely going to have to buy that.

Here is a fun fact about me. When I was five or so, my mom banned me from watching The Little Mermaid (it was my favorite movie) because at the end, every single time I would watch it, I would cry almost uncontrollably because I was so upset that Ariel would miss her dad when she went to live outside of the ocean. True story.

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  1. Love that she's letting you go to the doctor's appt. And LOVE the super hero theme. It's such a great idea for an adopted child! I love how you are embracing this and I know this child will feel SO special and loved.

    The book I had growing up was "Why was I adopted" and I remember it and the illustrations vividly!

  2. I was a total crier as a kid too, my mom took my and a friend to see a showing of Pinocchio and I started crying so bad we had to leave the theatre!



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