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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Epic Pin-Failure

So I decided to try my hand at being all crafty and stuff. (I generally have no craft talent. Correction: I have no patience for it. But still, I'm no artist. At all.)

A few years ago however, I made this for our bed room. Trust me. Easiest thing I ever did. 

So when I see this pin on Pinterest, I figure it has to be easy, if not easier than the three I did before.
Click photo for source.

I mean, it's paint tape and paint. THAT IS ALL. How simple is that?

So I go buy the stuff (I hate Hobby Lobby, and craft stores in general) and get out. I come home, put the tape on the canvas and paint.

I absolutely cannot stand to wait for paint to dry, so I made myself leave the house so I didn't mess it up.

And then I peeled it off and got this crap.

There is paint bleed all over the stupid thing. ALL OVER.

So, as any craft failure with self respect would do, I hung the stupid thing up. Because, I mean, I put all that work into it, I can't just throw it away.
So I need your help. How do I remove that paint bleed? The white stripes are plain canvas. Help!
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