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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Do you set goals for yourself and then reward yourself for meeting them?

I did this once before. In 2007/2008 when I lost weight, I told myself that every ten pounds I lost I would buy myself a new piece of workout apparel. The first ten pounds I lost I got a fleece warm up outfit, and the next ten pounds I think I got sports bra. The reward system worked soooo well that I forgot about it and then didn't buy myself anything for the next ten pounds. It was really exciting and motivating at first though, and then my health and the way I looked became more of a reward than buying things.

I was looking around on Pinterest and saw a few pieces of Lululemon clothing that I thought would be awesome for outside running.

I went on Lululemon and quickly realized that I can't afford even their hair ties. Pretty outrageous.

I was thinking about how to justify spending money like that on a piece of outerwear, and I think I came up with a reasonable goal.

I don't know if this item will even be available by the time I complete my goal, but if it is I want to get this:

My goal is to run for thirty minutes without stopping. The most I've done so far is thirteen minutes, and that was a near death experience.

I decided that was a tough enough goal that I could justify spending the $108.00 on this jacket (or one similar). Chances are I won't be able to wear it this year, but I'll have it for outdoor winter running next year.

I also saw this idea via Pinterest today.
That looks like a great way to save up $108 dollars. Get ready for 108 more workouts, Ingrid.

How do you reward yourself?

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  1. You go girl! You are going to look awesome wearing that! :)



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