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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Are These Dark Circles Forever?

The other day I noticed that in the mirror I'm noticing dark circles under my eyes more often. This made me wonder if a) I'm sick b) I'm pale c) I'm getting older. I'm going to go ahead and believe b and c. I'm not so sure about a, but I think its unlikely.

I started looking at old photos of me. I mean like almost ten years ago. If I could find a 2002 photo I would have ten years worth.

So here is my own sample of age progression photos. 

Allison and I at our Junior Prom - 2003. Also known as the year I worked at the tanning bed, so I resembled a real Mexican.
 Senior year - 2004
 End of 2004 - Freshman year at USF
 Vacation in 2005
 Meg's 21st birthday - 2006
 Mom & Dad's 25th Anniversary Party - 2007

Pacers Game - 2008

 Rehearsal Dinner - 2009
 USF Graduation - 2009
 Sarah's Wedding - 2010
 Dad's Birthday party 2011
 I was really surprised by this. It is crazy to see photos of myself side by side like this.
Even if you can't really tell a difference in some of those photos, you have to admit there is a huge difference between 2007 and 2008.

In other news, Ingrid, Joey and I went to Chipotle today and had the worst service ever. I mean, the service was so bad that the food tasted awful. It is saying a lot that I didn't think the food was fantastic because I talked about how fabulous it was going to be for a good portion of our run. The other portion of our run was spent telling Ingrid how I was pissed off at her, and that before I knew her I didn't believe it was possible to love and hate someone at the same time. She is so bossy. Seriously though, my food was made with the tears of puppies and angels. Tears taste bitter. Much like the employee running the front at Chipotle who FORGOT MY SOUR CREAM. I can't eat Mexican food without sour cream. Who forgets that? Its a main option on their menu. No bueno.

Have your looks changed a lot in the past ten years?


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  2. Have my looks changed? You be the judge looking at our junior prom picture! haha. I was skinny and it's sad to think that I used to call myself fat! Whats wrong with high school girls? ;]



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