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Friday, June 4, 2010

Do You Recycle?

I don't. I recently heard that a lot of people in my area don't either. Joshua and I watched a show a while ago that disproved a lot of common thoughts about the good of recycling. This isn't a post to bash recycling. Just wanted to get that out there. We simply don't. If you think badly of me, please leave your name and phone number in my comment form. Thanks.

Anyway, if you're interested in the show we watched, go on YouTube and search "Penn & Teller Recycling". I don't want to post the clips here, but I know you can watch them there. If you can get past the crude language, there might be some validity to what they say.

Now, I don't recycle my paper or plastic products with my garbage every Tuesday. However, I have started recycling, or reusing, my paper products (not toilet paper, don't go there). Last weekend I took a lot of my books to the Half Priced Book Store (favorite!) and sold them off. I was actually going to donate them to the Goodwill but decided to see if the Book Store would want them. I actually got $50 out of my old books.

I've decided not to buy any more books. I love browsing book stores, but I can't spend the money on books anymore.

Why this big revelation? Why such a drastic change of tune?

My friends, I am a card carrying member of the Allen County Public Library.

Do you know what that means??? It means that I can read any book that I want to. Of course I could always do that, but now I'll read books I wouldn't have considered spending money on before. Its a big decision on whether a book purchase is worth it. What if you hate the book? I always felt obligated to finish a book even if I didn't like it because I paid for it.

No more.

I know a lot of people think the library is a dirty place, with dirty used books. Well, I don't. I've developed quite a reading list, and I'm excited to get started. These are my summer picks so far. I've actually already checked these books out. I would have never gotten these books if I were buying them. Everything seems within reach now.

I'm going to post reviews of books more often now. I used to do it, but honestly, the books I read don't have much substance. I'm changing it. Now.

Do you library?


  1. You will have to tell me how the last lecture is....I have been wanting to read it!

    I know what you mean about the library though! I actually miss going there. My mom and I would go at least once a week when I was little! But you know me...I like to buy books. Its a guilty pleasure I guess! :-)

  2. I'm going to post reviews for a lot of the books I'm reading.

    You can come to the library with me. I usually don't browse a lot, but I want to. Where we used to live a book mobile would come around and my mom and me would rent like crazy. I miss that!

  3. I go to the library every couple months maybe. I like it! and I LOVED the last lecture. you may need a box of tissues. but I found it very inspiring

  4. Everyone I've heard from that has read The Last Lecture has told me the same thing. I'm looking forward to reading it!



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