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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Candyman Can.

Last night we went to walk around at Downtown Disney. My parents were there a few days ago, and wanted to take us back to see it.

When I was  younger my uncle in California would always send my grandpa a basket of Ghirardelli chocolate for his birthday. My grandpa didn't like chocolate so I always got some of the chocolate. I was pretty excited to see that they had a whole store and soda fountain.
It looks so cool in person.
Dark chocolate is my favorite. They have Intense Dark Espresso chocolate that I want to try,
Another area of Downtown Disney is Pleasure Island. Before we went I was trying to find the difference between Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island, but was really scared to Google it. I'm still not sure what the difference is.

They have this awesome place called the Candy Cauldron. They sell some pretty awesome looking candy apples.

This is a wall of all kinds of candy. The M&M's are separated by color.
I love the cupcakes.
My favorite. Chocolate covered strawberries.
Gingerbread men cookies, Nemo, and the biggest cookies I've ever seen right below.
Huge rice krispy treats.
All this reminded me of this:

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