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Tuesday, March 29, 2022


 As often happens, I get caught up in the fine details of life, and I fail to share the full picture.

I've always wondered why I do this. For instance, I'll remember to tell someone that I cannot stand how the seam in my shirt is rubbing on my right arm, while forgetting to share the big news.

So I'm going to share all of the little things first, and then I'll share the big things.

I cannot handle eyes and I burst a blood vessel in mine throwing up on Sunday and now I want to die every time I look at it. I've had the same cold/flu for four weeks and I'm officially ready to go back into quarantine. Isaiah is only four inches shorter than me right now. Plant life is doing great around me. I am getting ready to fully immerse myself in all things Venus Fly Trap. I've even made a friend on Instagram that is around the world, and is an expert in such plants. Oh, I switched eye liner and mascara for the first time in 15ish years. That's going well. I also bought lip gloss. I'm currently loving Chobani Greek Yogurt, mixed berry flavor. I'm considering making some bread because we're going through it really fast at home. 

Just two major things. 

First, my book. I've been working through the "world building" of my story, and I have not had fun like this in so long! I had no idea that exploring my own thoughts and imagination could be so fun. I love that every time I get stuck or hung up on something, I remind myself that it's my story and I move on. It's very fulfilling. I love when I get an idea and I think "is it okay to say that?" and then I realize "yes, it's okay. This is yours. It doesn't matter if no one sees it. You are doing this." 

Second, a couple years ago I did a commercial for Avonex, the medication I take for MS. They have reached back out and asked me to do quite a bit more work for them. So you'll be seeing me on an insta ad in a feed near you soon.

And that's my update. MS is still a bitch, but I don't really feel like talking about her right now.

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