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Tuesday, February 22, 2022


 It's official. I bought a computer. I'm writing a book.


I am working with a book coach, and she has given me a guide to work from. The first question was: Why do you have to tell this story. And my answer is different than I thought it would be.

WHY do I have to write this?

Because J.K. Rowling is a transphobic menstruator

I have not always been a good example of someone who supports trans people. I have done a lot of work on it, because I feel absolutely terrible about it.

I have a trans family member, and I was not a good person about it for a very long time. I love this person with every bit of my heart, but I haven't gotten my shit together to be supportive until recently.

When I got married, I issued an ultimatum. "You wear a dress or you're not in our wedding". And to this date, I am horrified at myself. 

I've made peace with this person and we are now close, but I will never be able to go back and change the way I acted then. Out of completely ignorance and hate. I hate sharing this with you, because I want to be a well-adjusted fighter-for-rights. I want to be like "yeah, I was about this before it was cool", but honestly, I was not.

So back to my WHY.

Harry Potter was my absolute favorite series. I read it several times per year. SEVERAL TIMES PER YEAR. We watched the movies all the time. I listened to all of the audiobooks. I used the audiobooks to control my anxiety and calm me down. They were soothing. They were magic.

And then I found out, the person who created all of this magic, this entire magical universe, was so closed minded that she would make statements against trans people. People who have found solace in her work. People who have felt accepted by the words she wrote, found out that the creator, doesn't value their life the same as other people.

That is why. I'm writing a book, specifically with the purpose of trans people knowing that the author loves them. No matter what. I'm a person, you're a person, we're all doing our best.

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