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Saturday, December 27, 2014


This has been a year of great change for us.

I blogged 11 (this is 12) times in 2014. For perspective, I posted 500 blog posts in 2010. They were mostly crap, but look at all the time I had. I mean, I'm typing this as I'm cooking Christmas dinner. Seriously. See? (Okay, the turkey is in the oven and I have a small window of time here.)

I can't say that I disliked 2014, but this really does feel like the longest year I've ever lived.

Isaiah turned one, and then it really got interesting. We started foster care, gained a child, quadrupled our responsibilities, drama, and anxiety. We went all summer crazy busy and barely having time to breathe. The only time to relax was after the boys went to bed, and even then it was hard to unwind.

And then in early December, we said goodbye to our foster care placement. We went back to a one child home, and that has been as hard of an adjustment as it was to go to two.

It has been so amazing to watch Isaiah grow and develop over the past year, and I'm trying to get used to only being mom to one baby boy again. But my heart still hurts. Foster care is not easy, and I'm not sure I'd ever do it again (I'm sure I would), but I lost a lot of myself in it. Not only was foster care itself difficult, but being that I was related to everyone involved, it was that much harder. Because, family is fun, you know? (Sarcasm font).

And when it comes down to actual blogging, I don't feel like I have much to say anymore. I talked about adoption forever, and now adoption isn't really a thing for us. Yes, Isaiah is adopted, but what else is there to say? He's our son and we don't see him as "adopted", we see him as our son.

I talked about infertility forever, and I'm over that. I really don't care if I never talk about infertility ever again. It's a weird place to be when you're an infertile mom. Like, yes, I have a child. No, I cannot get pregnant. I'm not upset about infertility anymore, and I'm not going through any treatment for it, so there isn't anything additional for me to write about it. I'd like to say we're a success story, because I feel like it, I mean, we're parents.

I posted recipes for a while, but lets be real, I'm blogging while I'm cooking right now. I could probably write a killer post once about multitasking, but who has the time?

So I don't want to say "Hey, I quit", but I feel like I'm close. I'm keeping my blog up, and I'm always on social media, but I can't say I'll post consistently (hahaha) or even inconsistently any more. Blogging isn't the outlet it used to be for me. I started blogging exactly 7 years ago when we got engaged at the end of 2007. So it was a good run, but like everything else, I've changed. A lot.

So you can find me all over the internets, but probably not here. My contact info is all current in the "contact me" tab, and if you comment it will come to my email, but if you want to talk to me, your best bet is to contact me directly. I've met the most amazing people through blogging, and that is the only reason why I'm not fully quitting.

I hope you all have an amazing end to 2014 and a wonderful 2015.

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