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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November - Catch the Moment

I'm participating in Nurse Loves Farmer's Catch the Moment post again this month.

These pictures are much easier to catch now that Isaiah is so busy that he doesn't want to look at the camera for me.

This guy doesn't have any forward motion yet, but he can crawl backwards. I love him so much.

Eating Mum Mums with shades on. Rockstar. Side note: I started #zayhairdontcare on Instagram. He gets so focused on whatever is going on that he doesn't notice or care when I put stuff on his head. I know, I know, hashtags are so 2010, but I think it's funny. And don't lie, you think it's funny too.

I love watching him play. It's so interesting to watch him explore (I'm sure my opinion will change when he is exploring things I don't want him to).

We've had a few Pajama Mondays in our house. It's cold, and he looks so cute in them.

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  1. Thanks for linking up again! I love seeing pics of this baby man - the more the better! Also? Braden could only crawl/scoot backwards for the longest time!

    1. I love linking up with you! He's still only crawling backwards, but I think he's starting to get the idea that he's going the wrong way. :)

  2. I had a pajama Monday this week too, do you think we can make this a thing because I like the sound of it!



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