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Friday, October 11, 2013

What Is the Real Issue Here?

I shared this blog post on my Facebook page yesterday.

Today, I read a conversation in which there was a lot of "why can't we just all support each other" and "why was this post even popular?".

Yes, moms should support one another. Whether you work outside the home or stay at home with your kids, who cares?

Why is this an issue?

Why do we even care what other women do for a living? Regardless of where you do your work, we're all working. I do my work at home, you do your work in an office. As moms, we never get off work.

But that isn't my point. Stick with me here, because there is something far more important than this issue. I promise I'm not going to go all world peace on you.

The real issue here is that we don't know how to stick together. Many of us are so defensive about every action we make or take, that as soon as someone makes any comment at all, we're offended. And when we get offended, we get angry, and we just have to lash out at the opposing thought. But why? Why can't we accept that we have different opinions? Why are we certain that our stance is the right one? Why? Why? Why?

I don't have the answers here. All I can tell you is that it's hard to offend me. You can make your stand, and if I think it's dumb, I'll think it's dumb and move on. I don't need to tell you that you're dumb. Sometimes I will, but we have to be pretty close for me to put forth the effort.

I'm getting off topic.

I'm ready to get to the real issue here.

The real issue is that as women, we need to band together, toughen up, and realize that there are far more serious issues in the world for us to worry about than whether you think I sit on my butt all day and eat bonbons. (If I knew what a bonbon was, or where to get them, I would try this out and then let you know what it was like.)

The real, and far more serious issue here, is that there are still women in the world who are wearing Crocs.

We can sit around and cry and moan about being misunderstood all day long, but there are still women out there wearing Crocs and we are doing nothing about it.

Why have we allowed this to go on this long?

Let us stop thinking about ourselves, and think of the poor women out there who don't even understand what they're doing to themselves by wearing them. Yes, I am looking at you.

And world peace.

For your extra enjoyment, here is an upside down baby in a stroller.


  1. HAHAHAHA! Oh em gee, YES! #saynotoCrocs

  2. hahaha, crocs! But for reals, I work but I would rather be a stay at home mom. And I think both are equally hard and equally important and it's a matter of personal choice! I think women tend to be especially harsh on each other through the internet-it's like their screen is their shield or something. But yes, we should do something about the crocs. But please don't take away my uggs!



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