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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Eight Month Update

You know how hard it is to get a picture of an eight month old, right?

This is the best I could do this month.

He still loves to eat. When he starts teething though, he isn't as interested. We started puffs, last month, and while he won't pick them up yet himself, he has gotten much better at chewing when I give them to him. I gave him a wagon wheel looking thing and he was really interested in picking that up and eating it. He has used his pincer grasp a couple times, but it isn't mastered.

I don't want to say anything because I'm afraid to mess it all up. Things are going well. We started using a sleep sack because it got a lot colder here this month. I didn't like it at first, but it keeps him warm, so whatever works. We're still between two and three naps a day. It just depends on what is going on with him.

New this month:
He isn't crawling yet, but he is very interested in moving. He got another tooth this month, bottom right, and the bottom left is coming in now. That is four teeth on the bottom, zero on top. We officially heard our first "dada" and "mama" this month. Of course, "dada" was first, followed about a week later by "mama". He often talks about us when he's in bed.

He is beginning to dislike sitting in his Rock N Play. Instead, he would rather sit on the floor. He loves to sit or lay flat on the floor. He dislikes when I leave the room. I thought this would be a short phase, but he is hanging on to it. Teething might be a part of that though. He is absolutely in love with my brothers. He doesn't light up for anyone like he does for them. 

As Parents:
The doctor told us that we could expect his reflux to subside around six months, so being eight months and still consistently spitting up was getting frustrating. I finally gave in and called the doctor because I started getting concerned about the acid coming up all the time. The doctor told me he's fine and it will go away with time. Sigh. I did get the okay to take him off of soy formula, so as soon as we finish the container we have now we'll try something different. I don't think the two are related, but soy is more expensive. So yay for that.

This month I've just felt tired. I'm even a little tired of blogging. I worry that I'm taking too many pictures, or posting too much. I wonder if I'm really living in the moment with Isaiah, or if he'll look back and remember fond memories of me with my phone in his face. I feel like I have a good grasp on parenting right now, as I'm able to clean the house a little here and there while he's home. I'm also tired of the mommy wars that the internet seems to fuel. I truly don't know why so many women care what other women think of them. Being a mom is hard enough.

We're going to an adoption event next week that I'm really excited about because it's our first as a family. The local Christian radio station hosts it every year (November is National Adoption Month), and this is the first we'll be able to go as a family.

I've been somewhat emotional lately because it was a year ago now that we met Isaiah's birth mom. One year ago, if I had known I would have an eight month old today, I would have never believed it. Our life has changed so much in twelve short months. It's really incredible. 


  1. What a sweet picture! I think that's FANTASTIC for an 8 month picture. From around then until 16 months all N would do is grab for things and wouldn't sit still at all. :) Your dude is SO, SO precious!!

    I, like you, am tired of blogging. I just want to rest and live. :)

  2. I think he will know that when you are taking pictures of him it is out of love and happiness so it is fine!

  3. Hope you have fun at the event! He's SO CUTE! You got a good picture :)



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