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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Seven Month Update

I don't have any stats for him. We don't go back to the doctor until 9 months. We are getting pretty close to ditching the infant car seat though because he's breaking my back.

This guy loves to eat. He's getting bored with bottles though and wants all real food. He wasn't a fan of green beans and held them in his mouth waiting for something better, but went crazy over acorn squash and yogurt. I started giving him puffs, and while he isn't a huge fan of eating them, he's working on grabbing them.

We made it through without a six month regression, which I am immensely grateful for. He is still just like his mama, in that he loves his sleep. We're right in between needed two and three naps. Some days he takes two great naps, and others he takes three decent ones.

New this month:
He had a cold for the first time. Nothing serious, but he required extra snuggles, which we willingly provided. He's getting faster at grabbing, so I don't let him near bowls of refried beans anymore.

Funny side story: We were eating at Cebollas (a local Mexican restaurant) and it was too close to his bedtime to be in public, but there we were anyway. He started fussing as soon as our food came, so I was trying to hold him and eat quickly so we could go sit outside and wait for everyone else, because being outside makes him happy. Without realizing what happened, he reached his little hand into a bowl of refried beans and smeared them all over my shoulder and in the ribbed tank top I was wearing. So I wiped it off the best I could, loaded him up, and took him outside. When we got out I looked down at my shirt and saw that when I wiped the beans off, I just pushed them into the ribs on my tank and I had a bright pink and brown striped shirt. During the fiasco my brother William kept saying over and over, "Awww, look! He left his hand print in that bowl of beans! You should take a picture and put it in his baby book! Do it, Sissy! Do it!". Aren't family dinners fun?

He's becoming more verbal, and spent an afternoon yelling at my brothers. He rides in the shopping cart now at the store instead of his car seat, and he is mesmerized by his surroundings. He has started losing his mind when I walk away from him. So there has been more crying than usual, because I am not taking him with me every time I leave a room.

He was introduced to cats, dogs, and chickens this month and he loved them all. There isn't much he doesn't like.

As parents:
"Mom brain" hit me hard this month. My bff and Josh say I'm stressed, but I don't really have any added stress in my life. Just the normal stuff. If you read my #momfail post, you know I forgot to change him one day, and then a few days ago I forgot to feed him solids. I remembered when he started freaking out so no need to report me just yet, but I just keep doing stupid things like that. I've really realized this month how lucky I am to be home with him all the time. I love spending time with him, and even though I miss adult conversation, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Except maybe on a vacation.


  1. Oh goodness... he is just so stinkin cute!! :-)

  2. Love the new look and the updates, it is so lovely to see the bond between you two unfold and all the love!

    1. Thank you! I hate to be annoying with him being the only thing I talk about, but, well...he's pretty fab. :)



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