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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TTC #2

Now that we've adopted, I think we fall into the rather unique category of trying to conceive our second child while having not conceived our first.

Alright, it isn't that unique, but it sounds kind of funny.

While I'm no where near ready for another newborn, we have been talking a lot about our other kids. The ones who haven't been born yet, or we haven't met yet.

We feel strongly that in the future, I will get pregnant. We believe it is going to happen. We have faith.

Now that we have Isaiah and saw how everything was meant to happen, it's easier to go by faith. I wish I could have said that sooner, but now I know, without a doubt, that everything works out how it is supposed to.

At the same time we learned of Isaiah and his birth mom, we had decided to take a break on the infertility treatments. We were waiting until the beginning of the year to reassess our position and hopefully be in a better place financially to take on the more expensive medicines. All at the same time our well laid plans were tossed aside for the amazing life we're living now.

My periods were still incredibly irregular so I went back on birth control. I was on BCP for ten years and when I went off of it when we started TTC I realized that it was just a bandaid for PCOS, not a treatment at all. I didn't want to go back on it, but had noticed my PCOS symptoms had dramatically increased while I was off. I wasn't watching my diet as well as I had been, but the weight gain was still there. I tried to take it off and had the hardest time. I don't think it's unfair to say that in order to lose weight women with PCOS have to diet and exercise a lot harder than others. By diet I mean healthy eating, nothing extreme. I tried low carb diets that are recommended for people with PCOS, and I found out that I really hate low carb eating.

So anyway, I went back on BCP with hopes of losing weight by regulating my hormones again to where they were when I lost weight so easily in 2007. The goal is to lose enough weight to start ovulating on my own, and hopefully get pregnant without a doctor.

You know what is hard? Losing weight with a newborn. It's hard to make myself get out of the house and exercise. Eating right is hard because meal times are not what I'm used to. I eat when Isaiah decides I can, and sometimes I'm past the point of hungry and straight into starving by then.

But that's the plan. Lose weight. Ovulate. Get pregnant.

We're absolutely open to adopting another child, and we both agree that we will be happy even if we cannot conceive a biological child. We have our child. Any others that come along will be equal and additional blessings.

So I think we're officially TTC #2. We're used to waiting. 

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