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Friday, December 7, 2012

The One with the Laminate Flooring

Every SuperBaby needs a SuperNursery, right? Right.

Side note: I had a dream the other night that I was watching an episode of Friends called ''The One with the Laminate Flooring''. I told you my dreams are boring.

Baby T's room is our old guest room. It had my grandmother's antique bed in it, and Joshua's clothes because he prefers to use his dresser drawers to store his ammunition. True story.

The first obstacle was to clear out the closet and Joshua's clothes. We donated a lot of clothing that we hadn't been wearing, but kept because we had the room for it.

The second step was to tear out the carpeting. It was old and smelled and it was definitely time to go. We decided we wanted to put in a wood laminate flooring and I found some on sale at Menard's the weekend after Thanksgiving.

This is the SuperNursery after we pulled up the carpet, and vinyl tile that was underneath.

This is the laminate I picked out.
On Friday, I was talking about the flooring at work and told my boss that I was going to put it all in that night. He bet me that I couldn't do it, and he was right. I got this far before I got mad and quit. I tried so hard too.

 So Saturday morning I pulled it up and tried again.
 And failed again. Josh's cousin Jason came over Saturday afternoon to help me do it, and he was like magic. Seriously. I swear he was doing the same thing I was, but he was making it work. In my opinion, it turned out beautifully.
 I am going to put the dresser in the closet and make fabric ''doors''. So Pin.
 This chair is from our living room. I put a glider on our registry, but as it is insanely expensive, I am assuming I won't be getting it.This chair works perfectly, so I'll probably take the glider off of the registry.
I love it.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm in love with it. I might marry it.

  2. It looks great! SuperBaby's going to be very happy in there.

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