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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pin Win

First, can we celebrate that I FINALLY got a pin to work for me on the first try? Really.

I hate doing this, but the Pin doesn't link to the original source. I am so sorry to whomever made this delicious pin that has changed our breakfast lives for ever, but I have to post it. I have to. You understand.
This is the link to the pin. Not the original source.

Yesterday, Ingrid pinned it, I repinned it, and made it this morning.

I didn't have the Grands biscuits, because they're a million dollars. I get the generic four tube pack of biscuits for like a dollar. I cut them in half instead of fours, but next time I will do quarters so that they're bite sized.

True story: this is the first time I've ever deep fried anything. We don't have a fryer, and I typically just pan fry if I'm going to fry at all. 
They fried about 15 seconds per side. Once I could see the other side was golden I would tip them over, fry the other side for about 15 seconds and transfer them to a bowl of cinnamon sugar mix.

I used three tubes of biscuits for all of these. They grow once you fry them. Also, the oil grows too, so don't use too much. I filled my sauce pan about half way, and I would have been fine with less than that.

You don't know what you're missing if you don't make these. Honestly.

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