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Saturday, May 19, 2012

What's In My Purse: Hoarders Edition

I follow The Small Things Blog. I love Kate and all of her hair ideas and beauty stuff.  The past few weeks she has been having guests who share what is in their purses.

My first reaction is who the heck cares? I don't. We all have the same stuff in our purses. Phone, wallet, lip stuff, keys. Purse stuff. Duh.

However, I was cleaning today.

It has been a looooong time since I've done any organizing in our computer room. There is junk all over the place. So after I worked out today (if you can even call it that. My workouts are still lame, thanks to Ingrid's foot that refuses to kick the cast) I came home and got to work on the computer room. In the closet, I keep my extra purses, bathing suits, and winter accessories. Closet space is seriously lacking in our bedroom, so I use all of them. You know why? Because I can. That is why.

I got a new purse recently and needed to put my old one in my box of bags that I have. I seriously have it labeled "Handbags: Coach, Maxximum" like I don't freaking know what I have in there. I'm so weird sometimes. So I start digging through the box and I find the most annoying thing in the world. This is what happens. When I switch purses, I take the stuff out that I need, the necessities, and I leave all the other junk in it. Seriously. Here is where it's about to get real.

I found all of this in four purses. FOUR.

Let us take a closer look, shall we?
  1. Empty bottle of Aveeno hand cream.
  2. Generic bottle of Pain Reliever with seven tablets left inside.
  3. My PetSmart PetPerks card. (Obviously, I use that.)
  4. Benadryl, for that occasional allergic reaction.(You never know.)
  5. One penny. Note: This is the only money I found in all of this. I'm so cheap.
  6. An empty mint wrapper.
  7. Three watch links that I had a jeweler remove.
  8. A miniature pink Roxy flip flop.
  9. One hair elastic.
  10. A pink foam heart with my name written on it.
  11. An empty eye drop bottle.
  12. Hand sanitizer holder.
  13. Hand sanitizer.
  14. Thirteen bobby pins.
  But wait! There is more!

  1.  Two panty liners.
  2. Rave Motion Pictures gift card.
  3. Applebees gift card.
  4. Reminders of my eye appointment scheduled for April 23, 2009 at 8:40am. And my glasses and contacts prescriptions. (Funny story. I actually remember that I cancelled this appointment because I had just started my job two weeks prior and I didn't know how they would act about me taking time off. Oh, how things have changed.)
  5. Jolly Rancher wrapper. Considering my favorite flavor, I would say this was probably a grape wrapper.
  6. Every single card my esthetician, Jennifer, ever gave me. I seriously have three different styles of her business card. If you like my eyebrows, let me know. I can spare a card to give you.
  7. A business card of Brett from Wendy's Bridal. I specifically remember Brett being female.
  8. Movie tickets from Iron Man and The Dark Knight. Seriously. We saw a lot of movies in July 2008.
Also found, but not pictured:
  • Four pay stubs. One dating back to July 2005 from a law firm that is no longer is business.
  • A receipt from when I ate at the Acme Bar for lunch on July 9, 2008. (I'm starting to think I'm just a hoarder in July.)
  • A receipt from Walmart where I bought five Lean Cuisines, obviously a weeks worth of lunches. This was July 2008, before I learned to cook, and before I learned what sodium is.
  • A receipt from Global Cellular from July 18, 2005 where I spent $21.19 on something that I cannot recall. At. All.
  • A receipt from Bandido's in which I supposedly ate at on July 18, 2008. I hate Bandido's. With a capital HATE. I don't know why I ate there, or what I had, but I do not recall this. 
  •  A receipt from July 19, 2008 when I took all of my bridesmaids out to lunch at Biaggi's. I remember that. I loooove their bread. 
I should probably pack all this up and go on Let's Make A Deal. I think there is some money in this.

So yeah. What is in your old purses? If you know Kate, let her know she should do this as her next guest spot.

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  1. LOL I do the same thing when I transfer purses. I recently went through mine too and found a TON of receipts, lip gloss, nail polish, business cards, oh man the list is pretty bad. Needless to say after that episode of mine I decided to clear out my purses when I change them now.

  2. I just found you and now love you. I too have my hoarders purse with crazy items inside. I also have my hoarders nurse bag I carry to work and may need to have stocked in case I ever get stuck somewhere. Love your blog.

    1. Thanks Mama! We hoarders need to stick together!



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