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Monday, May 7, 2012

Steel-ling The Scene

My nail polish pick of the week this week is Steel-ling The Scene by Essie. This is a Target only color so get there if you want it. Basically I match my kitchen appliances.
 I pretty much look like a rockstar, which is exactly what I'm doing to be tomorrow working the election.

I've been doing tons of stuff around the house. Ok, not really. I've just done some things. Anyway, I'll post about some of them as soon as I get some photos taken. I will tell you though that I did some electrical work, so if you're needing anything electrical, you're still going to need an electrician. 

After my rant last week about my bangs (it wasn't pretty if you haven't seen it), my cousin posted this on one of my videos on Facebook.
He's a pretty funny guy. Hi, Nick.
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