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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Well, Hello Again.

Most of the time when I post about birthdays it is a recap of mine, or a cake photo from someone else's birthday. 

However, today is my birthday.

I'm 26.

Trust me, I'm not going where you think with this. I'm not sitting around thinking about how old I am right now.

I had a doctors appointment this week. I went in waiting for the big reveal of how much weight I've lost. I'm down a pant size. I run a least twice a week. I lift at least twice a week. I'm on the magical chocolate cake diet. But I'm down a pant size.

Somehow I've only lost three lbs since November. Three. I don't know how this is possible, but I'm trying not to flip about it. I don't weigh myself at home since we don't have a scale, so the only time I get weighed is at the doctor.

This is what my face looked like when I got weighed.

So what does one do for a non-monumental birthday? Go to the gym of course.

And after the gym, I'm going to eat Chinese food. Why? Because I want to.

On Thursday, Ingrid and I made it to 20 minutes of running without stopping, which also ended up to be a mile and a half without stopping. We went slow, but it's the longest and farthest I've ever ran so far without stopping. It felt really good. I'm ten minutes away from getting that jacket I want. I only have $9 in my jar though, so I better get on that.

What do you do for your birthday? 

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  1. That would be exactly why the numbers on a scale are just that. Numbers. :) Congrats on going down a size!! That's AWESOME!

  2. happy birthday!! Good job on the running progress AND losing a pants size. who cares what the number is. enjoy your birthday!!



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