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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday Exploring

Joshua and I went to the Alzheimer's Memory Walk yesterday downtown. He wanted to work out after since the gym was close by, and I didn't. I dropped him off at the gym and decided to go to the downtown library to browse. I love using the library, but all I do is go on the website and place holds. Then I go in, check the hold shelf, and get my books and leave. I never look around. I tried to look for a book one time and it was incredibly hard.

While I was browsing yesterday I decided to check out the gallery. I've previously looked at the gallery once and it was full of artwork from students of the University of Saint Francis. Pretty cool. Right now it is full of photographs. They made me want to go take photography classes.

I love pictures of vibrant flowers. I've always wanted to be a food photographer, but Joshua and I watched a show once that followed a food photography competition and it showed that a lot of the food wasn't even real.

So don't be disappointed when your Big Mac doesn't look exactly like the picture. It isn't real.

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