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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Easy DIY Project

My friend Vanessa gave me the idea for this project. Our house is painted, but seriously lacking in wall decor. Vanessa told me about this project and I decided I wanted it too.

Start with three blank canvases. I bought these at Hobby Lobby for around $8 each, regular price. Hobby Lobby puts everything 50% off about every other week, so just wait for them to go on sale. It will happen.
I started with this brown color and decided I didn't like it.
I ran to Lowe's and bought this dark brown color.
All painted.
I went into Word and wrote out what I wanted to put on there. I had to make the letters gigantic, and picked out my font. Printed and then cut to put in the place where I wanted them.
For the next step, I channeled my inner third grader. I remember in third grade we traced pictures of Martin Luther King Jr.'s face and this is how we did it. Take whatever you're wanting on the paper, turn it over and shade it in with pencil.
Turn it over and then trace the letters and the pencil will transfer onto the canvas. I have never needed to use that particular piece of art expertise until yesterday, but I'm glad I stored it away in my brain. It came in super handy.
I went to Meijer and got an Elmer's Paint Marker. I originally wanted to do a cozy neutral color to match our bedroom paint, but they didn't have anything like that in the paint markers, so I got gold.

I filled in my lines, and ta da. It's done.

This was so easy. I love it.


  1. This is really cool. This would be an instance when a Cricut would come in handy too. You can cut things with vinyl and put on there. I love this though!!!

    Check out this blog, she usually has lots of different ideas to use the cricut for:

  2. Thanks! I couldn't believe that I made it! haha. I consider myself so uncrafty. This might change :)

    thanks for the link!



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