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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mediterranean Diet

I don't mean "diet" as in "weight loss diet", I mean as in the type of food you eat. I was reading Better Homes and Gardens last night while I was waiting for Josh at the Y and came across an article about the Mediterranean style of cooking. The magazine suggested checking out the Oldways website. When my Nanny had her heart surgery I did some research on ways to keep your heart healthy, and one thing that came up a lot was this Mediterranean style of cooking, which is lots of healthy fats, and not much red meat. The article in the magazine said that many people have lost more weight eating this way than on a low-carb diet (and their hearts are a hell of a lot healthier, too). I don't think I'm going to use it as a weight loss program, it just works out that I LOVE Italian food and herbs, so I'll probably be trying some new recipes. :)

The BEST part: women should drink one glass of red wine per day for their health. I love any diet that says that.

Here is the Mediterranean food pyramid that I found on the Oldway website.

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