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Sunday, May 8, 2022

mother's day blues

This is to all non-moms. All people who desperately want to be moms, but aren't. Either not yet, not ever, or not currently. 

I always felt really down on Mother's Day before becoming a mom, for obvious reasons. Everyone is happy. Everyone is posting how wonderful their moms are and how wonderful it is to be a mom. So. Many. Bump. Photos.

And yeah, they all have the right to be happy, but when you're not happy, it's just kind of fucking sucks. 

I am sorry that you are feeling the feelings of the place where you are. I felt those feelings for so long, and honestly, they've still never gone away. They've lessened in severity, but I can still celebrate Mother's Day while sitting with my grief. And so can you. Be extra kind to yourself today. 

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